Why Doodling is Good for Your Mental Health | Icons of Cincinnati

Why Doodling is Good for Your Mental Health | Icons of Cincinnati

A doodle a day keeps the anxiety away for Jane Malone, owner of Cursed Drawings. Art isn’t just her business – it’s therapy. Check out the full episode with Jane here: https://youtu.be/Y5mecRphRcU

Growing up feeling different from her peers, Jane discovered her true self during the pandemic, learning to embrace what made her different with confidence. After being diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum, Jane channeled her neurodivergent tendencies and “weirdness” into her art, releasing her deepest passions by launching Cursed Drawings. Being transparent about her struggles and differences has not only helped her cope with her own anxieties (including derealization), but the unique prints she sells also provide a sustainable living as an alternative to college. Thanks to an awesome GoDaddy website that’s easy to manage on her own, she’s able to do more with her art business in Cincinnati. Still at it and doing her thing, Jane reveals that it’s impossible to fail when doing what you love — and the definition of success has many meanings.

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