Tips for Finding 50k Plus Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

You mean I can actually earn $50,000 even if I am not a college graduate? Are you kidding me?

You might be asking these questions now. In fact, you can get a job that gives a hefty paycheck without requiring a college degree or any technical or special skill. Just because you lack the academic qualifications, that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to a job that pays as much as the amount earned by those who have complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree. 50k plus jobs run aplenty in the job market today and are open to those who failed to complete their bachelor’s degree. So what are you waiting for? Start your search for a financially satisfying career by following these job-hunting tips:

ï Look for jobs that usually pay a high salary but do not require a bachelor’s degree. This step is a no-brainer how can you find a 50k plus job if you don’t start looking for one? Sources of information on job openings include the classified ads in your local newspaper and job listing sites on the Internet. You can also ask your family and friends for recommendations. Some of the lucrative jobs that non-degreeholders may choose from are computer programmers, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and border patrol agents, among others.

ï Do your own research. Learn about the trainings necessary to be accepted to the 50k plus job you have been gunning for. Although they don’t require their applicants to have a college degree, some companies still ask applicants about the trainings they have undergone that are relevant to the job they are seeking. This makes sense because you need to be equipped with the necessary skills to get your job done. For example, if you want to be a draftsman and earn at least $80,000, you need technical knowledge about 3-D Drafting on MicroStation as well as AutoCad. Technical trainings and certifications are also essential for computer software programmers and network systems analysts. So before you apply for a certain job, make sure you have attended trainings and short courses relevant to it.

Look for technical schools that offer classes or trainings in the area of your interest. Enroll in one of these classes. Get all the trainings and certifications you need. Your investment will definitely pay off in the future. 

ï You may consider being an apprentice in any field you choose. Apprenticeships don’t require a college degree and generally take a couple of years to complete. However, completing an apprenticeship can lead you to a full-time employee status that could make you earn a minimum of $50,000.

ï Include your certifications in your resume and send it to your prospective employer. Express your willingness to learn and undergo training as well as your passion in the job.

ï Once you are hired, you have to prove that you can do the work excellently. 

For people who have not taken or completed a college degree, they can still qualify for 50k plus jobs. All they need are the training and technical skills relevant to the occupation they are seeking.