Starting an Online Business? 3 Things This Expert Wishes He Knew First

Starting an Online Business? 3 Things This Expert Wishes He Knew First

Online entrepreneur and web design coach Josh Hall shares tips for starting an online business to help you grow more successful, a lot faster. Watch more Small Business News & Trends videos:

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0:00 Who is Josh Hall?
0:23 The importance of client retention
1:09 How to improve customer retention
1:50 Focusing on one customer avatar
3:00 How to ask clients for more business

As founder of In Transit Studios and a successful YouTube creator, Josh Hall knows firsthand what it takes to build a successful online business. First and foremost, focusing on client retention over client acquisition is key to long-term success. Starting a subscription service or giving your best deals to those who have already bought from you will be more effective because these folks already know, like and trust you. If you neglect your current customer base and focus more on the hustle of getting new clients, it can lead to instability of income and requires much more effort to stay afloat in the long run. Additionally, focusing on one type of customer avatar that perfectly fits your business model will help you reach your goals quicker, because trying to manage multiple different types of services to fit the unique needs of each customer type will spread yourself too thin. Lastly, making a point to consistently and genuinely reach out to your clients (even if that comes in video form) can only propel your business forward — because the worst thing that can happen is they say no.
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