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Ai Training Data

At, you can find a vast collection of training data to enhance your AI projects. The 1500-article bundle available at offers a diverse range of articles that can be utilized for training personal data. This comprehensive selection is designed to support various AI training needs, ensuring a rich and varied dataset for your […]

Edutainment for AI and AWS PartyRock with Mike Miller – #661

Today we’re joined by Mike Miller, director of product at AWS responsible for the company’s “edutainment” products. In our conversation with Mike, we explore AWS PartyRock, a no-code generative AI app builder that allows users to easily create fun and shareable AI applications by selecting a model, chaining prompts together, and linking different text, image, […]

Responsible AI in the Generative Era with Michael Kearns – #662

Today we’re joined by Michael Kearns, professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania and an Amazon scholar. In our conversation with Michael, we discuss the new challenges to responsible AI brought about by the generative AI era. We explore Michael’s learnings and insights from the intersection of his […]

Are Vector DBs the Future Data Platform for AI? with Ed Anuff – #664

Today we’re joined by Ed Anuff, chief product officer at DataStax. In our conversation, we discuss Ed’s insights on RAG, vector databases, embedding models, and more. We dig into the underpinnings of modern vector databases (like HNSW and DiskANN) that allow them to efficiently handle massive and unstructured data sets, and discuss how they help […]

Quantizing Transformers by Helping Attention Heads Do Nothing with Markus Nagel – #663

Today we’re joined by Markus Nagel, research scientist at Qualcomm AI Research, who helps us kick off our coverage of NeurIPS 2023. In our conversation with Markus, we cover his accepted papers at the conference, along with other work presented by Qualcomm AI Research scientists. Markus’ first paper, Quantizable Transformers: Removing Outliers by Helping Attention […]

AI Trends 2024: Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Thomas Dietterich – #666

Today we continue our AI Trends 2024 series with a conversation with Thomas Dietterich, distinguished professor emeritus at Oregon State University. As you might expect, Large Language Models figured prominently in our conversation, and we covered a vast array of papers and use cases exploring current research into topics such as monolithic vs. modular architectures, […]

741: How to Visualize Data Effectively, with Prof. Alberto Cairo

Data visualization remains at the forefront as Dr. Alberto Cairo from the University of Miami guides us beyond numerical figures, exploring the art of weaving compelling narratives through data. In his book, “The Art of Insight,” he reveals the varied motivations driving visualization experts and highlights the serene, meditative process inherent in crafting visualizations. Emphasizing […]

743: How to Integrate Generative A.I. Into Your Business, with Piotr Grudzień

Chatbots, large language models and generative AI: Founder of Quickchat AI Piotr Grudzień believes the key to any successful AI platform is to ensure it can be tailored to a company’s specific needs. He speaks to host Jon Krohn about helping clients generate realistic and satisfying conversations that help their customer base find what they […]

744: To a Peaceful 2024

2023: A year of great movement and change. Technological developments have rocketed generative AI’s capabilities into the stratosphere of possibilities for future approaches to work, health, and play. Host Jon Krohn recognizes the benefits we have seen over the past year, discusses the important role we all have in ensuring ethics remains at the core […]

745: 2024 Data Science Trend Predictions

2024 data science trends take the spotlight in this special episode, where Jon joins Sadie St. Lawrence to analyze last year’s predictions and delve into the emerging technologies reshaping the field. From AI hardware accelerators to the transformative role of large language models, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in […]

Multilingual LLMs and the Values Divide in AI with Sara Hooker – #651

Today we’re joined by Sara Hooker, director at Cohere and head of Cohere For AI, Cohere’s research lab. In our conversation with Sara, we explore some of the challenges with multilingual models like poor data quality and tokenization, and how they rely on data augmentation and preference training to address these bottlenecks. We also discuss […]

Delivering AI Systems in Highly Regulated Environments with Miriam Friedel – #653

Today we’re joined by Miriam Friedel, senior director of ML engineering at Capital One. In our conversation with Miriam, we discuss some of the challenges faced when delivering machine learning tools and systems in highly regulated enterprise environments, and some of the practices her teams have adopted to help them operate with greater speed and […]

Deploying Edge and Embedded AI Systems with Heather Gorr – #655

Today we’re joined by Heather Gorr, principal MATLAB product marketing manager at MathWorks. In our conversation with Heather, we discuss the deployment of AI models to hardware devices and embedded AI systems. We explore factors to consider during data preparation, model development, and ultimately deployment, to ensure a successful project. Factors such as device constraints […]

Visual Generative AI Ecosystem Challenges with Richard Zhang – #656

Today we’re joined by Richard Zhang, senior research scientist at Adobe Research. In our conversation with Richard, we explore the research challenges that arise when regarding visual generative AI from an ecosystem perspective, considering the disparate needs of creators, consumers, and contributors. We start with his work on perceptual metrics and the LPIPS paper, which […]

736: How to Officially Certify your AI Model, with Jan Zawadzki

AI certification and EU regulation: Jan Zawadzki, CTO and CO Managing Director of, talks to Jon Krohn about the future of certification for AI startups and keeping within rigorous international regulations. Additional materials: Interested in sponsoring a SuperDataScience Podcast episode? Visit for sponsorship information.

739: AI is Eating Biology and Chemistry, with Dr. Ingmar Schuster

AI Protein design, machine learning and cancer care, and pharmaceuticals: At Exazyme, CEO and Co-Founder Ingmar Schuster uses AI to design proteins. He speaks with Jon Krohn about their wider applications in pharmaceuticals and chemistry, how Kernel methods make the design of synthetic biological catalysts more efficient, and when to use shallow machine learning over […]

Pras Michel Seeks New Trial, Claims Former Attorney Used AI For Closing Argument

Pras Michel and his ongoing legal issues are far from nearing a solid conclusion after the Fugees rapper and entrepreneur requested a new trial via an explosive claim. According to a new report, Pras Michel claims his former attorney used artificial intelligence in his closing argument during the trial earlier this year that ended in […]

EU Is Not Sure About Britain’s AI Summit: To Attend Or Not To Attend, That Is The Question

The European Union is contemplating participating in an artificial intelligence safety summit in the U.K. that is scheduled for November. In a developing situation, the European Union, or EU, is reportedly contemplating participating in the forthcoming artificial intelligence safety summit in the U.K. that is scheduled for November. read more