Shaking Things Up in Cincy with American Rocktails | Icons of Cincinnati

Shaking Things Up in Cincy with American Rocktails | Icons of Cincinnati

Meet the badass women behind American Rocktails as they reveal the magic behind launching an original business in Cincy. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

After working together at a fast-paced mixology bar creating cocktails inspired by musicians, MayaLou Banatwala and Kristen Kreft realized they were onto something. They fused together their love for mixology and zest for events by launching American Rocktails, a Cincinnati-based events and cocktail business. They even put their own spin on cocktail recipes by writing a book (and then another!) to help build their business. Firmly rooted in Cincinnati where jazz, blues and soul meld together, this rockin’ duo — who are also the front women of their own original rock bands — wanted to honor the community’s rich music culture with the art of mixology and put on events like Cincinnati has never seen. In order to share info about their events and sell books and merch, they use the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing tools to create a platform that represents their wicked cool brand. As they continue to amp up their business in Cincinnati, MayaLou and Kristen know that if they’re not pushing their own dreams forward, they’re making it a reality for someone else – so why not go after it?

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