Machine Jobs At 50k Plus

Machines were built in order to make work easier and more efficient. But in the end they are only contraptions that cannot function without the direct participation of a qualified professional. This is why individuals are being attracted by a 50k plus annual salary in order to perform machine-related jobs.

A millwright is being offered $50,040 per year. Once you decide this figure is enough for your needs you have to obtain thorough understanding of the basic principles regarding load bearing capacities of certain machineries. You have to gain knowledge about blueprint reading and interpreting technical instructions. 

As a millwright you are responsible for constructing and maintaining an industrial setup commonly utilized for print shops, pumping stations, and assembly lines. Once the equipment arrives on the site it is your task to secure each piece. You must have a strong background in operating hoisting and moving machines because they are the ones used to move the pieces of material to be assembled. 

Pile-Driver operators earn an average of 51,650 dollars annually. As an operator you will be tasked to control large machineries that pin piles into the ground. Piles are long and heavy strips of wood or steel used for the foundation of piers, buildings, and bridges. 

Once you become an operator you can also be tagged as an operating engineer. You may opt to work in the dynamic world of oil industries situated in offshore rigs. Part of your work is having the ability to correctly estimate movements and spacing of the pile driver. You have your cab to sit on while manipulating various levers and pedals. The actual pile driver is mounted on cranes, barges, or skids. 

On you path towards a career in pile-driving you can choose to be trained on the job via initial exposure to smaller machines. Once you have proven that you have the skills and competence to handle larger equipment then the employer may allow you to do so. But the ideal route that you can take which is more preferred by employers is by going through an apprentice program. It consists of 144 theory hours and three years of on-the-job training. The classroom instruction is commonly composed of operation and repair of construction equipment as well as safety standards within the industry. 

If you think land machineries are not enough for your interest and skill then go ahead and try your luck as an aircraft mechanic. By doing so, you can be rewarded with $51,960 for each year of duty. Your main task is to fit, repair, overhaul, and service each component that makes up an aircraft vessel. 

Your day as a mechanic will be spent with engines and related accessories. It is part of your job description to analyze test data in order to evaluate the condition of the aircraft’s engine and equipment. You then collect all the information from the performance and measurement tests. 

Furthermore as part of a job earning 50k plus you are tasked to compare the status of fuel and oil levels as well as tire pressures. You evaluate the cleanliness and condition of mechanical equipment based on set standards. More importantly you make use of precision measuring devices and testing instruments in order to make sure that all repairs and adjustments were executed following the specifications of the manufacturer.