Looking for 50k Plus Jobs? Read On

These days, it seems that 50k plus jobs are hard to come by. However, with a little research and sheer determination, you can find a huge-paying job that could help you make more than $50,000. In fact, a number of these jobs are rising at a fast rate today, giving a wider option to jobseekers who want to receive big paychecks. 

Information from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that most of the fastest rising jobs pay over $50,000. These 50k plus occupations include financial analyst, personal financial advisor, dental hygienist, computer software engineer, data communications and network systems analyst, and physical therapy assistant.

For the past few years, there have been hundreds of thousands of personal financial advisors and financial analysts who are making over $60,000 a year. Why are these jobs so popular nowadays? More and more people have realized the need for saving up for their retirement and future, and they need advice from financial experts. This gives people with financial background a great money making opportunity as personal financial advisors or financial analysts. These financial experts help individuals and businesses in their investment decisions and strategies. In particular, personal financial advisors help their clients make good financial strategies by evaluating different factors such as assets and liabilities. Financial analysts, in general, focus on a certain industry or region. There are requirements and qualifications necessary for starting a career as a financial analyst or personal finance advisor. First, one must be at least a bachelor’s degree holder in finance, accounting, or business administration. Another requirement is coursework in economics, business, and statistics. If you have an MBA or master’s degree in other related fields, then you can make a good living out of being a financial expert. 

A great demand for dental hygienists has been seen recently because of the growing focus on preventive dental care and population increase. What makes dental hygienists all the more in demand these days is that they can take on the duties that only dentists used to perform. As the term implies, dental hygienists examine teeth and gums of their patients, take away deposits on teeth, and perform other forms of preventive dental care. To get your career as a dental hygienist rolling, you must first obtain a certificate or an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. Afterwards, you can start practicing that profession in a private dental office, earning at least $60,000 a year. You can even open your own office after gaining enough experience in the job. 

One of the most well-paying 50k plus jobs is data communications or network systems analyst. When it comes to the rate of growth, this job leads the pack. The great demand for data communications or network systems analysts is mainly because of the increasing number of people and companies that use computers and information technology. These IT specialists handle interfacing of computers and equipment for communications.

They also design, analyze, test, and evaluate systems as well as their performance. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology to qualify for the job. Even a two-year degree in one of these two courses will do.