Jobs That Build 50k Plus

During your childhood you spend a lot of time dreaming about the ideal jobs that you can get. But as you grow older and start to be exposed to the harsh financial realities of life you set your sights on professions that can provide a 50k plus income. One of the more obvious choices would be the engineering field. 

Mechanical engineering can help you earn up to about $50,070 per year. This can be achieved by equipping yourself with the core concepts of kinematics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and materials science. The knowledge about these concepts are utilized in order to come up with a competent analysis and design of heating and cooling systems, aircraft and watercraft, medical devices, manufacturing plants, motor vehicles, and industrial machinery. If you are up to an unending challenge of mechanical troubleshooting then you might have a place in this discipline which has been tagged as one of the broadest and oldest. 

Industrial engineering brings $50,130 to the table on an annual basis. The main concern in this branch of engineering is the development and improvement of integrated systems of information, people, knowledge, and money. It aims at manipulating equipment, energy, and material to build new prototypes that can bring down expenses. This field exists in order to eliminate all sorts of wastage in time, energy, and resources by using methods founded on engineering analysis and synthesis. 

Sound engineering can make you dance with a yearly tune of 53,150 dollars. There is a slight deviation from formal engineering as there is more focus on the creative and technical audio elements. In order to succeed in sound engineering circles you have to be skilled in handling various forms of media recording like digital multi track recorders, analog tape, and workstations. At present there is additional demand for a budding sound engineer to have excellent understanding of hardware and software integration since it greatly influences the quality of synchronization and transfer from analog to digital materials.

Electrical and electronics engineering has consistently magnetized many individuals since there is a high reward of 54,050 dollars every year. This profession takes its foundation by applying the principles of electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity. It entails you to have a highly technical background on the design of different systems which include generators, electrical circuits, transformers, magnetic devices, electromechanical gadgets, electronic circuits, optical fibers, computer setups, radio and television, telecommunications, mobile telephony, photonics, nanotechnology, networking, data communication, and radar technology. 

Aerospace engineering can send you flying to the stars with a whopping $56,560 average annual earning. It is the engineering that gives way to mind boggling designs and construction of spacecrafts and aircrafts. It is divided into a pair of sciences namely aeronautical and astronautical. The first one takes care of vehicles that navigate within the planet’s atmosphere while the second shoots crafts out into the wonders of outer space. 

These jobs can assure you of a lucrative 50k plus production every year but you have to understand that in order to have an elusive engineering license you have to work really hard. Don’t be discouraged though because you have lots of numbers to accompany you along your journey to success.