How to Build Business Credit — FAST!

How to Build Business Credit — FAST!

Gerri Detweiler shares three simple steps to building your small business credit quickly. Watch more Business Insights videos:

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0:00 Who is Gerri Detweiler?
0:21 What is business credit?
0:47 Why is business credit important?
1:00 Creating a professional business persona
2:16 Getting vendor accounts to help business credit reports
2:56 Getting a business credit card

Whether you’re starting a business or consider yourself a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard about the importance of business credit. Credit expert Gerri Detweiler explains in simple terms what it is, why it’s important and reveals tips on how to build it quickly. Ultimately, your business credit scores and credit reports can be a huge factor in helping you get small business financing — and more of it as it grows. By creating a professional persona for your business, getting registered with your state and getting business licenses, you can unlock opportunities for financial success. A professional website, email address or even phone number will also help represent your business to customers in an effective way — even if you don’t have a physical business address. Getting vendor accounts who will report your account to business credit bureaus (and paid on time) will serve as a valuable reference on your business credit report. Lastly, it’s important to get a business credit card (even if you just started your business!) that will appear on your reports. You only need a few accounts appearing on your credit report and to pay on time to build good business credit scores. These steps taken at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey will help your business look legit and impact your ability to build business credit — fast.

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