How The Braid Chick is Rising by Lifting Others | Icons of Cincinnati

How The Braid Chick is Rising by Lifting Others | Icons of Cincinnati

Meet Rebecca Gibson, owner of Empire Beauty Bar, as she shares all about launching her business and lifting others up along the way. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

Rebecca discovered a love of braids at a young age as she watched her grandmother do hair and learned the art of braiding from her godsister. Though she grew up and built a successful career in the healthcare industry, a zest for hair remained deeply rooted in her heart. As soon as Rebecca had the opportunity to jump full-time into the beauty industry, she launched Empire Beauty Bar to continue helping others in a different way. She embraced entrepreneurship with open arms, becoming a hands-on owner that created an inclusive culture and safe space for her community. Though it was scary stepping away from a stable career to start a salon, the support of her family and her enthusiasm for beauty carried Rebecca through — especially during the pandemic. As she learned the ins and outs of owning her own business, she created a GoDaddy website to fully represent her business to clients looking for hair care in Cincinnati. Since then, Empire Beauty Bar has grown to be a smashing success with a supportive team who takes pride in the work they do, and provides all their clients with a great experience. While pursuing her own entrepreneurial journey, Rebecca loves giving back. She even launched the Empire Braid License course to teach other women how to braid and start their own salon business. Because lifting others up doesn’t diminish how great she is – it just allows them to be great, too.

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