Business Grants Expert Shares His Top 5 Secrets

Business Grants Expert Shares His Top 5 Secrets

Grant writing expert Sedale Turbovsky shares secrets and tips for entrepreneurs to get small business grants and secure funding. Watch more Small Business News & Trends videos:

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0:00 Who is Sedale Turbovsky?
0:20 Discovering the grant gatekeepers
1:02 What are the motivations for getting a grant?
1:53 Telling the Hero’s Story
2:54 Using the grant provider’s terminology
3:49 Building relationships with a grant agency

As a grant-writing expert and Co-Founder of OpenGrants, Sedale Turbovsky shares insider knowledge on how to secure grant funding. Instead of just responding to an RFP, Sedale encourages entrepreneurs to talk to a gatekeeper and learn about the grant provider’s motivations in order to write an engaging hero story that will effectively win the funds. He also mentions the importance of using common terminology of the grantor in order to reflect the alignment of your values and convey a clear message that will impact the readers. To be successful in getting business grants and securing capital, it’s essential to move away from a transactional mindset and towards building a long-term relationship based on transparency and trust.

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