5 Pro Tips for Selling Online

5 Pro Tips for Selling Online

Brick-and-mortar stores versus ecommerce — it’s no longer a choice between one or the other. Multichannel sales are here to stay as savvy shoppers engage with brands through multiple touch points, whether it’s in store, online, through social media or elsewhere. Learn more about the benefits of in-person and online selling. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

0:00 – Introduction to online selling
0:11 – Agenda
0:26 – Transfer your ecommerce experience to an in-store experience
2:45 – Sell where your audience is already
4:51 – Engage with customers on social media
9:26 – Capture email addresses
12:05 – Provide multiple shipping options

Thriving ecommerce businesses have captured the necessity of robust online business operations in the last few years. A changing business and economic climate proved to be highly favorable for ecommerce businesses already able to meet the moment. Now, the business climate continues to shift, and growth-oriented businesses should be looking ahead to the next opportunity. Ready to grow beyond your current business model? In this webinar, we’ll take you through the steps to scale up your business quickly to capture customers wherever they happen to be.

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