2022 Google Workspace Summit

2022 Google Workspace Summit

The Google Workspace Summit brought together Google executives, customers, and partners to explore how organizations of all sizes are building productive, secure, and flexible work environments – from any device and any location. They discussed the latest collaboration tools and innovations that can empower teams to do their best work

The Google Workspace Summit is part of our digital Google Cloud Summit series. Our digital event has ended, but you can still view sessions on demand: https://cloudonair.withgoogle.com/events/summit-workspace-2022

05:12 – Keynote: Thriving in the era of hybrid work
27:50 – Product Demo
40:11 – Live Q&A
01:00:03 – Unlocking collaboration for the future of hybrid work
01:23:03 – IT strategy that ensures business continuity
01:33:03 – Shaping the future of work for frontline workers
02:05:03 – Modernizing patient and provider experiences with Google Workspace and SADA
02:16:03 – Make proactive and resilient security accessible to your business
02:36:03 – How Palo Alto Networks securely enabled its dynamic workforce to thrive with Google Workspace
02:48:03 – Modernizing and securing collaboration to accelerate digital transformation
03:11:03 – The future of information management with Google Workspace and OpenText™

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